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Driven to innovate…focused on care

CRI®is a team-driven medical device company focused on delivering quality medical solutions that impact care delivery. In fact our organizational purpose of "Advancing Medical Capabilities for Life" speaks to this commitment.

At CRI we are looking for team members with a blend of talent and ambition who…

  • Have the interest, skill, and potential to set goals and work toward customer solutions.
  • Are able to work well with others, helping everyone on the team contribute at a high level.
  • Have a strong sense of self, are able to receive feedback, and improve personal performance when needed.

Katie Klebba


Focus on the success of "we"

Katie Klebba

Core Value : Service

Katie Klebba
Account Manager

While working at CRI I took on the responsibility to assist the VP of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Systems with a customer related concern. One of my roles was to contact certain customer accounts and provide them with valuable information. I made the return process simple and easy to exchange their current product for the high quality medical products CRI is known for. I provided detailed support throughout this entire process and was quick to answer any questions our customers had. Through this process, I developed a reputation for being trustworthy and efficient with our customers and our Quality Department. I work hard to uphold these service standards each and every day.

Sofia Granados


Pursue Excellence

Sofia Granados

Core Value : Quality

Sofia Granados
Quality Engineer

When CRI® Costa Rica started, we decided to incorporate an environment where Quality practices were well established throughout our company. We made it clear to our staff that Quality was not only important in the operations side but also that it affected others. Therefore, during the training stage we reinforced with everyone the importance of good performance and how it directly correlates to a person’s health.

At the time many of the workers had little experience in the medical industry, which motivated them to learn more about the requirements involving the manufacture process of a medical device. Thus, we implemented briefings of the manufacturing process and good manufacturing practices that must be followed when you work in this industry.

Jesseca Lyons


Doing the right thing... always

Jesseca Lyons

Core Value : Integrity

Jesseca Lyons
Product Development Engineer

At CRI, one of our core values is Integrity: “Doing the right thing…always”. Recently, I was working with a customer to develop a plastic handle. We’d gone through a few prototypes to get the shape selected, but had used a printed sample to select the color. I was excited to see the first samples come hot off the presses. Unfortunately, something about the color just wasn’t quite right. The customer was satisfied with the color, but I felt it wasn’t good enough for the image we were trying to create. To me, this color wasn’t the right choice. So even though the customer was satisfied, I went back to the vendor and selected a slightly different color. Seeing the new color, the customer agreed. It was a small change, but it made a huge impact.

Why bother? Because for me, “Doing the right thing…always” isn’t just important, it’s essential. To me, it goes hand in hand with quality.

Colin Sutherland


Challenge our thinking

Colin Sutherland

Core Value : Innovation

Colin Sutherland
Director of Engineering Ireland

I have developed medical device products for over 15 years and created technology to support some of the most complex products.

One of the projects we have been challenged with is the development of a long term implantable medical balloon required to cycle over 100 million times. The project begins at a research and development phase where materials are reviewed and selected at a molecular level. At CRI we have designed and built four state of the art balloon forming machines. These machines are the first of their kind and are completely operated and controlled by a proprietary platform; which gives us complete control over every aspect of the machine and machine settings. This technology has the ability to use any material from hard nylons to very soft urethanes. We also have the ability to weld radiopaque materials to the product during the balloon forming process providing unique solutions for our customers.


Why choose CRI?

In addition to having inspiring career opportunities, CRI provides benefit plans that help our team members meet the challenges of balancing work and personal time.

Our Benefits: Our Paid Time Off Plan gives team members the flexibility to manage their personal time away from work to meet outside obligations. CRI offers medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plans for our team members. All team members also have the option to participate in our 401k plan and may purchase long term disability as well as additional life coverage, if desired.

CRI is 100% employee owned. An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee-owner program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest in the company. The CRI ESOP was established in 2008 and since 2010 CRI has been 100% employee-owned. The nearly 300 CRI team members globally are all owners. 

Our team’s overall wellness and career satisfaction are priorities, so we continuously evaluate our benefit plans and look for ways to better support that important balance of life inside and outside the workplace.